Frequently Asked Questions

What are Free Templates ?
Templates given away for free. Created by Ar-themes or other partners. All free templates have footer copyrights. Don't force you to keep footer copyrights in some of them. But others are bound to footer copyrights. You can download the new updated versions for free. All free templates are supported.
What are Premium Templates ?
Templates being sold. Created by Ar-themes or sponsored from other partners. It supports multiple purchases. You have the right to remove the footer copyrights. You get all new updates of the purchased template. All Premium templates are supported
What are Client Requested Templates ?
Templates requested by users from us to be created specially for them. We won't sell or violate these templates to any other one. These templates will be shown in our portfolio section as a part of our work. Clients who requested these templates get new updates for requested templates. All Client Requested templates are supported
What should i do if i have JavaScript hosted on Google Code ?
Google have decided to shut down Google Code and i Quote: " We will be shutting down Google Code over the coming months. Starting today, the site will no longer accept new projects, but will remain functionally unchanged until August 2015. After that, project data will be read-only. Early next year, the site will shut down, but project data will be available for download in an archive format. "

So simply follow these steps to solve this
  1. Search inside your blog template to make sure that you have JavaScript hosted on Google Code. You can search for these Words
    src="https:// ..... ..... /file_name.js"
  2. If you found then, inside the "Src" attribute you will find a URL for the JavaScript file hosted on Google Code
  3. You can now host your file on another free Hosting Service Like 2FreeHosting
  4. Just Sign Up a new account and create free Sub Domain with free 20 GB space where you can upload your JavaScript files and replcae Google Code URLs with your new URLs